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WE ARE EXPERIENCED IN Acupuncture for pain
and Integrative Health for Gynecology and fertility for more than 30 years. Dr. Haisheng Zhang La.c, Phd
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Dr. Haisheng Zhang received an Acupuncturist License on November 1rd 2021 and received his Medical Doctor degree from Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine in 2012. He learned Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong from Dr. YangJun, the sixth-generation lineage holder in TCM for almost 30 years. And Dr Zhang have been teaching Medical Qigong, TCM health, and Meditation for more than 30 years.

Dr. Haisheng Zhang received his Medical Doctor’s degree from Tianjin University of TCM, and a Postdoctoral Certificate from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Science in 2016. I graduated from the MTCM program at Five Branches University this year and will apply for the acupuncturist license of CA this year.

He is currently appointed as The Dean of Integrative Health and Medicine College of University East-West Medicine (UEWM) in April 2020. Dr. Zhang is an expert in the Medical Qigong & Taiji, Acupuncture, and Tuina, Mind-Body Medicine, for the clinical treatment. And he also appointed as visiting Researcher of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Exchange and Cooperation across the Straits at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in Feb 2016. He have published 33 papers in peer-reviewed journals with 49 citations from other published articles and served as referee 53 times for seven Chinese Medicine Science and Buddha Cultural and Medicine journals.

And Dr. Zhang have been at MCRI (Molecular Cardiology Research Institute) of Tufts Medical Center, Harvard Mclean Hospital researching Medical Qigong & Taiji and Mindfulness Meditation for nearly two years. He had my first postdoctoral training in clinical psychology and Qigong of Chinese Medicine in Guanganmen Hospital of China Academy (2013-2016) for three years. Specification: Chronic Pain Management; Infertility Diabetes; Allergies Asthma; Back pain; Depression; Headaches; Insomnia; Stress; Irregular Menstrual Cycle; Frequent urination; Prostate Problems; Sexual Dysfunction.

Dr. Haisheng Zhang

Dr. H Zhang is a highly qualified TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, holding a medical doctor degree in TCM, L.Ac, and a tenured professor at UEWM. He has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, and have studied under the guidance of Six generation family Master Yang for 30 years. His areas of specialty include acupuncture, treating incurable diseases, and qigong tuina.

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