2022-06 Issue of World Zen Wellness Being Journal

6. Zen Meditation–close your eyes and nourish the mind by sitting with your legs down on the floor Dr.Haisheng Zhang [1,2]; Xingyi Zhang[1]; Ven.Yanlin [3] 7. To Commemorate Professor Manfred Pokert Dr.med.John Zhou 8.Prostrate, Exercise, and Yang energy Dr. Yiping Zhou Thelander  
主辦:世界禪養聯合會 Host: World Federation of Zen for Well-Being (Chan Yang) 編輯&发行:《世界禪養》雜誌編委會 Editor: Committee of World Zen Well-Being Journal  ISBN:2771-9332 Add: 667 Lytton Ave #8, Palo Alto,CA 94301 社 長President: 釋延琳Ven.Yanlin 顧問Advisory:释法宝Ven. Fabao; 李良松 Liangsong Li總主編Chief Editor: 张海生Haisheng Zhang Vice Chief Editor: 釋忠明Ven. Zhongming Vice Editor: 释崇剑Ven.Chongjian;净延JingYan Chen Editor: Canada Rosalynn Kwok; USA John Lee, Zhenzhu Zhang, Yunfei Wang, Wenli Zhang Editor in Charge: Address: Email:worldzenwellbeing@gmail.com

Dr. Haisheng Zhang

Dr. H Zhang is a highly qualified TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, holding a medical doctor degree in TCM, L.Ac, and a tenured professor at UEWM. He has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, and have studied under the guidance of Six generation family Master Yang for 30 years. His areas of specialty include acupuncture, treating incurable diseases, and qigong tuina.

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