Buddha (immortal) and Medicine are of the exact origin and have the same medical path

Since ancient times, those who have studied immortals must not learn Medicine, and those who study Medicine must not know immortals. The same is true of the exact source of Medicine and the same for Buddhist Medicine, and the teachings of Buddhism and the jurisprudence of Buddhist doctors are the same sources and mutually supportive. In a sense, the most modern value in Buddhist medical health care thinking is its physiological (root), psychological (consciousness), and social environment (dust), three unified medical views. Therefore, Buddhist medicine health care from the physiological-psychological-social three suitable medical models, not only consider the individual’s physiological conditions (whether the four primaries coordinate Behavior (karma) is the cause of disease. And also profoundly analyzes the role of psychological and external environmental factors in disease production, believing that all kinds of filth, evil deeds, and various destructive psychological emotions in the external environment will cause physical and mental imbalance, resulting in a series of diseases. Therefore, Buddhist Medicine attaches great importance to health preservation and disease prevention from the beginning of mental cultivation and environmental transformation.

1- Buddhist health and psychosomatic diseases

Regarding the classification of diseases, Buddhist doctors believe that there are two main categories: physical illness and heart disease. Heart disease refers to the many troubles caused by “greed, anger and addiction”, which leads to psychological imbalance and illness. Physical illness is the suffering caused by the four significant imbalances of the body, which provides the basic idea for Buddhist doctors to prevent and treat physical diseases. That is, to prevent and maintain health by adjusting the balance of human physiological functions, a significant feature of Buddhist doctors’ healthcare thinking. Buddhist Medicine also proceeds from the doctrine of karma and the harmony of the three symphonies of root (physiological), consciousness (psychological), and dust (social environment), and believes that there are two significant reasons why people get sick in their past lives and disorder in this life. The former is called the karmic disease of the previous life, that is, because the previous life did not practice good deeds, did evil deeds, and thus received retribution, so there are many diseases in this life. The latter is called the worldly disorder, the so-called sophisticated eating disorder, cold and warmth prevention, and excessive indulgence, resulting in physical weakness and disease invasion. This etiological idea not only analyzes the causative factors from the physiological aspects of the individual but also emphasizes the influence of the individual’s Behavior, psychological factors, and the external environment on physical health, which is particularly valuable.

The human body is like a small boat in the sea, and his mind is like the ship’s rudder. To successfully dock, the rudder masters the correct direction, and the hull is solid and watertight. The first ancestor of Shaolin, Grandmaster Dharma, was well aware of this truth. Therefore, while teaching his disciples to improve their practice, they

should also emphasize strengthening their physical fitness. During the nine years of facing the wall, he realized the two exercises of “Yi Tendon Sutra” and “Essence Washing Sutra” two activities, “Yi Tendon Sutra” and “Essence Washing Sutra”. Since then, Shaolin monks have practiced both Zen and Wu. As a result, the physical health was more potent than that of the monks and members of the public in other monasteries of the same time. By the Jin Yuan Dynasty, the famous historian Yuan Haowen wrote the “Records of the Shaolin Pharmacy”, which recorded that the Shaolin Temple had set up a “Shaolin Pharmacy” institution in the Jin Dynasty 790 years ago years of history. At that time, the pharmacy mainly served the monks in Shaolin Temple to treat bruises and other diseases, and later gradually developed to help the local and distant people. As a result, the monks and doctors of Shaolin Pharmacy not only have a variety of qigong fitness healing exercises but also have rich prescriptions that have been treasured by generations of senior monks, or health and longevity, or help the living.

The meaning of Buddhist disturbing is much greater than the usual reference to disturbing the heart. It is said that all mentalities and behaviors contrary to the Buddhist path are negative, wrong, harmful, and sinful, and all worrying is false. As the cause of trouble, including the main content of the seven emotions of disease, cause people’s temperament bias and psychosomatic disorders. The problem also causes most gynecological diseases. The general doctors rely on Medicine, while Buddhist doctors rely more on “heart”, Dharma eye medicine, compassion medicine, fraternity, and benefit.

The psychological conditioning and spiritual health ideas in Buddhist medicine health care are extremely rich and can even be considered self-contained systems. Mortals can borrow these specific ways to cultivate sexual health. Buddhist medical health care aims to cross birth, old age, illness, and death, which has exceeded the scope of psychological hygiene in contemporary psychology through meditation, meditation, introspection, and a clear mind. Avoiding the sufferings of mortal dust in the world, calming nature, regulating diseases, practicing the four significant aspects, seeking liberation, and finally being able to eliminate all troubles, complete the merit of purity and reach the state of nirvana.

2. Buddhism and enlightenment

The ultimate goal of Buddhist Medicine is to pursue nirvana and strive to get rid of the shackles of worldly distractions and the temptation of fame. It believes that spiritual and psychological factors can cause illness, and clinging to disturbing thoughts will inevitably cause physical disorders and cause disease. On the other hand, if the mind is meditative and the self forgets, the body will also be healthy, similar to the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Sutra. The health purpose of “Tranquility and nothingness, true qi from it, spiritual inwardness, and sickness from safety” is very close.

That’s why Buddha has always said, ‘Six degrees of ten thousand actions, like eyes.’ 84,000 Dharma, clear mind is essential, ‘If you don’t know the heart, it’s useless to study the Dharma’, ‘If you don’t see sex, the 12 parts of the Sanzang are all demonic teachings. This good intention is here! After your ignorant habit is exhausted, you can be like a Buddha who has all the sentient beings in the Dharma realm. Just like controlling thoughts in your brain, you can control and operate at will, and you can also combine the ten worlds into one world with one thought, all of

which you can do with just one thought! It is the supreme realm of ‘Rulai Great Nirvana’!

To achieve liberation, monks generally adopt meditation, a religious practice, but objectively play a good health and fitness effect through zazen to concentrate the mind, body, and mind tranquility. In a state of equilibrium, produce functions different from ordinary people, coordinate and restore the intestines’ physiological functions, dispel diseases, eliminate evil spirits, and strengthen the body. After Buddhism was introduced to China, various schools were born, and the methods of meditation cultivation of each school were also different, significantly impacting the development of TCM health preservation and TCM Qigong.

3. Immortal Dao Inner Dan and Health Prolongation

The Yellow Emperor’s Foreign Canon uses the philosophy of the five elements of yin and yang to discuss all possible interactions between heaven, earth, and people, such as obedience, death, internal organs, meridians, three talents, four times, and five fortunes, and their effects. The Yellow Emperor’s Outer Canon and the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon complement each other and form the theoretical system of Chinese Medicine. Her advent has brought together the two meridians inside and outside and complemented each other. Many of the contents of the “Outer Classics” can make up for the deficiencies of the “Inner Classics,” that is, the inner pills of the immortal path and the scope of health preservation and life extensions, such as the “Yin and Yang Reversal Chapter.” The Yellow Emperor heard of Guang Chengzi’s purpose and sighed at the so-called divine purpose of Guang Chengzi. Retreat to the night. There is still no gain. The ghost area asked Yu Qi Bo Tianshi Yu: The emperor asked the Dao to Guangchengzi. Guangcheng said: The essence of the Dao, the Fair Underworld, To the extreme of the way, faint and silent. Ignoring and listening, holding God still, the form will be self-righteous. If there is no labor shape, no shaking spirit, and no thinking about camping, but can live forever. Seeing nothing, hearing nothing, and knowing nothing, God will keep the shape, and the form will be eternal. Inside and outside the Dao, knowing more is defeat. I am above the Ming Dynasty, and I am the Plain of the Sun. For Ru to enter the gate of the underworld, to the other to the yin of the plain. There are officials in heaven and earth, and there hide in yin and yang, and if you guard your body carefully, things will grow stronger. I keep one and deal with it so I can not grow old.

Dr. Haisheng Zhang

Dr. H Zhang is a highly qualified TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, holding a medical doctor degree in TCM, L.Ac, and a tenured professor at UEWM. He has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, and have studied under the guidance of Six generation family Master Yang for 30 years. His areas of specialty include acupuncture, treating incurable diseases, and qigong tuina.

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