2021 First Issue of World Zen Wellness Being Journal FINAL with ISSN


Half Year Issue Volume 1   No.1-5, December 2021 ISSN:2771-9332  
1. Zen Medicine-spiritual health care system assumption   2. Zen for the Training and Effectiveness of Stress Reduction and Behavioral Well-being   3. Zen Medicine and Mind-Body systems   4. Awaken the Individual Self-Healing System with Zen for Well-Being   5. Liuzijue Qigong with Guqin music therapy applied to the prevention and rehabilitation of COVID-19:  Investigated Study  6. World Federation of Zen for Well-Being (Canada) introduction

Dr. Haisheng Zhang

Dr. H Zhang is a highly qualified TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, holding a medical doctor degree in TCM, L.Ac, and a tenured professor at UEWM. He has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, and have studied under the guidance of Six generation family Master Yang for 30 years. His areas of specialty include acupuncture, treating incurable diseases, and qigong tuina.

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